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5 Reasons To Join Veganuary

We know this term doesn’t have the best ring to it, but we promise there’s a lot going for


While It might not take a genius to piece “vegan” and “January” together for this life-changing global movement, it does take a strong mind to carry out this animal-free lifestyle for a whole month if you are a “vegan virgin”.

So here are some facts and tips to help you ease into this new (some might say better) way of living:

1. It's a plus for the planet

By being a part of this movement, you are contributing to the ending of animal farming, quashing the number of slaughterhouses, protecting our dying forests, restoring our rivers and oceans... just to name a few. And you're doing all that while improving the quality of your health.

2. It's a bonus to the body

Speaking of health, a balanced plant-based diet consists of fewer calories and is easier to digest than animal protein. That’s why the minute you start ditching dairy and hanging out more often with fruits and vegetables, you will notice these wonderful changes and improvements to your body:

· Lower blood pressure

· Lower cholesterol

· Lower rates of heart disease, type 2 diabetes

· Weight loss

· Better sleep

· Better skin

· Better mood

3. It's pleasant on the palate

There are lots of scrumptious, plant-based ingredients and recipes that are yet to be discovered! Veganuary gives you the perfect excuse to expand your go-to menu and try something new. Don’t know where to start? Head over to for some yummy vegan recipes, easy meal plans ideas, and helpful tips.

4. It's backed by a strong community

Veganuary has made its mark in over 190 countries around the world and attracted over 1 million people since 2014. This very pledge is also backed by Joaquin Phoenix, Sara Pascoe, Mayim Bialik, Peter Egan, Evanna Lynch, Chris Packham, and the list is growing as we speak.

5. It's not easy, so try!

We are wired to resist change and it’s only normal to feel uneasy at first. After all, adopting a new diet is a big commitment, and let's face it, could be a daunting one. But don’t let the pressure eat you up! If you make a mistake, slack off, or fall off the wagon, just simply hop right back on the vegan track and don’t give up.




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