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11 Best Apps for Surviving Coronavirus Lockdown

Let’s face it, for most of us, self-isolating isn’t easy. With all this time spent stuck at home, it has never been more important to stay focused on keeping healthy - both mentally and physically.

Here are some of our favourite apps in 2020 to help fight the Covid-19 blues while at home.


A yoga practice is one of those perfect activities which helps physically, spiritually and mentally. With a range of styles to suit everyone, you can choose a strong and fast-paced type of practice or something which focuses more on slow stretching and inner reflection.

A great free app which is also beautifully designed is Asana Rebel, which allows you to set your own daily plan and has a large amount of workouts available for any level.

Want the flexibility to choose from a range of workouts, from a quick five minute session all the way to a two-hour practice? Our go-to here is Glo Yoga, which offers a 15-day free trial and access to thousands of yoga, meditation and pilates classes.

If you’re wanting to not only expand your yoga practice but take a deeper look at mindful, conscious living, Gaia is a great resource with a huge collection of yoga sessions and enlightening documentaries and films.


No gym, no problem!

Whether you’re missing your regular workout sessions or have decided that this is the perfect time to get into your fitness and start working out, you can’t go past some of our favourite home-grown Aussie apps from the likes of 28 by Sam Wood or Chris Hemsworth with Centre Fit.

If a mix of bootcamps, cycling, running and a little yoga on the side is your thing, then take a look at Peloton Digital app, offering a free 90-day trial and an array of fitness training classes ticking these boxes.

Obe Fitness ticks every pretty, girly box with its fun neon party colours. But don’t let the colours fool you. With live and on-demand classes, this fun app will have you dancing and training all at the same time.

Like to keep an eye on your progress? Under Armour has a large community of fitness enthusiasts and has brought out various apps designed to connect your devices and track your progress, including Map My Walk - a great app if you’re a beginner wanting inspiration to reach new walking goals.

Mental health

If you’re more about looking inwards and finding ways to bring more mindfulness into your lives, we recommend you try some of these great apps to help alleviate stress, bring a sense of calm and wellness into your every day.

Aimed at increasing your health and happiness, Headspace offers targeted, guided meditations which you can use to create a more conscious life. Whether you’re interested in setting new goals or practicing mindful cooking, this app is great for the whole family.

For access to interesting talks and classes with wellness experts, you can’t go wrong with Insight Timer, which has more than 40,000 guided meditations available, offering ways to deal with sleep, anxiety and stress, with both a free and paid option to choose from.

Great for setting daily challenges, Calm will help you to deepen your mindful practice with plenty of guided meditations to choose from. They even offer a program to businesses to help create mindfulness in work environments.

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