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Celebrating Local Vegan Wines

Updated: May 27, 2021

For the past decade, we’ve been sourcing and selling wines that are produced in Australia.

Was it a bold move you ask? You bet!

It was quite a controversial time when we decided to drop the popular labels off our wine list: the French champagnes, Italian wines, all the big names… But we followed through because we knew our mission was to serve our customers with food and drinks that are not only of high quality, but also have low eco footprint.

Back then, our owner @HeavenLeigh_Official believed there were enough variety and complexity that we could draw from local vineyards, and that there was an opportunity to celebrate Australia’s grapes and blends here at Bodhi. So we started connecting with local growers and producers to compile something special for our customers. Needless to say she was right.

Fast forward to today, we’re extremely proud of our beverage selection – whether it’s wine, hand-crafted beers and cocktails, every sip we serve has a local accent, every bottle poured is a vote to our fellow Australian home-grown businesses, and every day is a chance to share their unique stories and offerings to our community. And below are some of our best sellers:



Between Five Bells Pinot Wine

A blend of Noir, Meunir and Gris that offers the perfect balance of sweetness (from the cherries and strawberries) and a tint of citrusy and musky top notes. It’s complex and never disappoints.

Gestalt Rule of Thirds GSM

Fruity and smooth. This iconic blend of Grenache, Shiraz and Mouvedre is a crowd pleaser and complements our main dishes like a match made in vegan heaven.

Dune Paliomera

This bright, fruit blend of Shiraz and Sangiovese is preservative-free, 100% natural from vineyard to bottle, easy to drink and hard to put down.



Heroes Sauvignon Blanc

Inspired by an organic winemaking approach and 100% barrel fermented, this Sauv Blanc is pure, earthy, well-rounded, and goes well with any dish on our plant-based menu.

M&J Becker Wines Chardonnay

One of our must-tries from Hunter Valley. This Chardonnay encapsulates the elegance and fine qualities of the renowned wine country, and makes the perfect sip while you take in the alfresco dining experience at Bodhi.

Valentine Riesling

Dry and crisp, followed by the sensational combination of melon, nectarine and floral notes, this Riesling is easily the best companion to your vegan feast from start to finish.


Click here to explore our vegan-friendly wine list.



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