Cheers To Our First Zero Waste Cocktail!

We found a way to use the entirety of a pineapple (yes the fruit, the peel, the grind, the pulp and the leaves) in this Earth Day specials, and we're naming it "Not Wasted". Scroll to learn more!

To show our ongoing commitment to protecting our planet, this Earth Day (22 April) we’re launching our very first no-waste cocktail using the entirety of a pineapple plus Pacific Moonshine – an “upcycled beer spirit” inspired by the Pandemic. We will also be switching off our lights from 8pm – 9pm on the 22nd so diners can enjoy our scrumptious autumn menu under the idyllic candle flare.

Cocktail Special: "Not Wasted" ($22)

The entire pineapple?

Yes. From top to bottom. We use the peel and the rind of a pineapple and make them into a refreshing tepache (a chilled fermented beverage originating in Mexico).

We then press the fruit into fresh juice and cook the pulp into an all-natural sugar syrup. Pineapple leaves will also be trimmed and used as garnish.

Once we have the perfect ratio of tepache, fresh pineapple juice and sugar syrup, we infuse it with Pacific Moonshine, a limited edition “upcycled” tropical spirit distilled by Cape Byron Distillery using unsold Stone & Wood beer born out of the lockdown.

This delightful concoction is not only great on the palate, but cruelty-free and has sustainability at its core.

While stocks last!


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