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It's No Meat May, Mate!

Updated: Apr 29, 2021

Another reason to call up your mates to celebrate No Meat May at Bodhi!

Thousands of customers walk through Bodhi’s door every week – from vegan veterans who are looking to get their routine yum cha fix, to vegan virgins who are trying faux meat for the very first time (and fall in love with it, of course)… No matter what brings them to us, we are grateful for every opportunity we get to share our love for plant-based, cruelty-free flavours with the community.

No Meat May” is just a few days away, and it's a month-long initiative that celebrates the benefits of keeping meat off the table and empowers more people to get a taste of the plant-based lifestyle. Scroll to discover what’s hot on our menu!

No Meat Tartare ($18)

A vegan spin on the traditional meat entrée heroing plant-based superfood – beetroot and Portobello mushroom – as the base, topped with avocado wasabi cream and truffle oil, as well as crispy rice crackers.

This No Meat May special is going live on 1st May. While stock lasts!


beetroot | portobello mushroom | avocado wasabi cream | rice crackers

Vegan Chicken Skewers ($17)

Once the exotic aroma reaches your nose, it's hard not to eat them. These naughty nuggets are coated with the perfect blend of spices and the sauce is to die for.

And oh sorry, did you say something? We can't hear you over the crunch! :P


vegan chicken skewers | sweet chilli | kaffir lime leaf | lemongrass sauce

Bodhi Original Vegan Peking Duck ($31)

One of our all-time best sellers, this vegan peking duck are made over a 2-day process to ensure every bite is jam-packed with bold, smoky flavours, plus the wow factor texture that makes you go "what the duck?!"


bodhi original vegan peking duck | pancake | cucumber | hoisin sauce

Click to check out our full menus:


Sign up to No Meat May now to discover more plant-based recipes and nutrition facts.


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