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Spring Beauty Tips

Spring is in full swing and after a long, cold winter it’s time to restore your radiance, with some of our favourite cruelty-free beauty and wellness tips.

INNER BEAUTY Beauty isn’t just about how you look on the outside and begins with inner health. Specifically, gut health, great nutrition and a balanced digestive system. This will help your skin glow, hair shine, teeth and nails become stronger and give you enhanced energy while providing support to your immune system.

WelleCo founded by Elle McPherson and Andrea Horwood has a range of products tailored specifically for your individual needs and it’s as easy as adding it daily to H2O, coconut water, your favourite green juice or a smoothie.


When it comes to a skin care routine many of us focus the attention on our faces but it’s just as important not to neglect our bodies. Do you want softer smoother skin, reduced appearance of cellulite, improved circulation, unblocked pores and a boosted lymphatic drainage system? Then we recommend investing in a good quality body brush with a detachable handle and a brush strap to get to those harder to reach places. The art of dry body brushing has been around in many cultures for centuries and all it takes is a few minutes daily before you hop in the shower.

Recommendation: Use short repeated strokes starting from the feet and work your way inwards towards your heart.

KOREAN FACE MASK To say we are obsessed with the 10 step Korean skin care routine would be an understatement but understandably, with busy lives, not everyone has the time to indulge in this daily beauty ritual. We do however recommend investing in a great face mask and this K-Beauty offering literally went viral when actress Drew Barrymore documented her experience with the All-in-One Facial on Instagram. Hanacure is a South Korean beauty brand that relies on plant-based peptides and botanicals to address signs of ageing, dullness, environmental damage, enlarged pores and congestion. This product has also sparked a selfie craze across social media! See the effects here #hanacureeffect


Winter can be tough on hair and add to the fact a lot of us like to colour, blow dry, heat style and use various styling products, it’s no surprise hair can be left feeling dull lifeless and prone to split ends.

Olaplex is a line of hair repair treatments that is scientifically proven and has been one of the biggest advances in hair technology. Most salons that colour hair include a two-step Olaplex process while they colour and if your salon doesn’t do it then you may need a new salon. Olapex not only protects your hair by creating a bond but helps prevent further damage. The good news is they have a range of take home products that you can use yourself.

Recommendation: Once a week, the night before you wash your hair, apply No.3 Hair Protector through the length of your hair, let it naturally dry and leave in overnight.


With the arrival of spring and a love of open toe heels it’s the perfect time to give your feet a little extra TLC. Think foot scrubs, deeply hydrating masks that come in little socks that you leave on your feet overnight or a foot peel that sloughs away skin over a few days. Foot peels can be slightly icky for some, especially when you have large pieces of skin coming off your feet but are also weirdly satisfying and leave you with amazing baby soft skin afterwards.

Recommendation: Make sure you have at least 4 days before wearing open toe shoes.


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