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The Great Avo Convo

Updated: Dec 26, 2020

You don’t often find us dipping our toes in heated debates, but this one is an exception.

Source: Marti Sans/Stocksy

Rumour has it that the humble avocados are splitting the whole of Australia in half: Team Hass vs. Team Shepard. With Shepard season fast approaching, we are itching to know which side the seed is sitting on.


Hass is the most common avocado variety in Australia, and they are available all year round. They have a creamy texture and are perfect for spreads. They flush as they mature (they turn from dark green to brown), and they give in a little when you give them a gentle squeeze. However, they’re only ripe for a short period of time and if you neglect them and let them go past their prime, they might leave a string-like texture in your mouth.


Shepard, on the other hand, are known for their smooth skin and lighter colour, and are only available from February to April. They don’t turn brown – both skin and flesh – even when they’re ripen or cut open, so it’s harder to tell when they’re ready to be consumed. But when you catch them at the right time, they reward you with a nutty, buttery sensation that will make you forget they are such teases.


So, weigh in: Is it the firmer, smooth-skinned Shepard? Or the creamier, honest Hass?

Bodhi's Owner, Heaven Leigh, actually has a preference.

Care to make a guess?



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