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You Heard Right – We ARE Serving Eggs This Easter!

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

Take a closer look at our Easter specials and celebrate the upcoming long weekend (hooray!) the fun-filled, cruelty-free way at Bodhi.

Easter Specials 2021

Easter is one the most important festivals for our Christian community, and this year, we've prepared a special vegan trio for you to enjoy while taking in the cool Autumn breeze under our majestic fig trees on April 3 & 4. From an adorable ensemble of coconut milk-based bunnies to an artistic interpretation of a vegan egg, through to a rich chocolate-based cocktail – each element of our Easter trio is inspired by the iconic symbols and flavours of this meaningful celebration.

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Lunch Special: Bunnies Go Dessert ($10)

Available in two flavours (sweet coconut milk and vegan milk chocolate), our Bunnies Go comes in a set of three and they are absolutely adorable. Before devouring these delightful treats, give them a little jiggle for a little giggle! ;)

Ingredients: sweet coconut milk / vegan milk chocolate | water chestnut | agar agar

*contains sesame seeds

Dinner Special: Vegan Crème Egg ($21)

A recreation of everyone's favourite Easter treat, made with white chocolate and crème chantilly piped into a dark chocolate eggshell, with a zesty calamansi curd as the yolk, and hazelnut. Delish!

Ingredients: white chocolate | dark chocolate | crème chantilly | calamansi curd | hazelnut

Cocktail Special: Jaffa Cake ($19)

An Easter-perfect cocktail made with Mandeaux - a French-style liqueur made from mandarins - and Crème de Cacao chocolate vanilla liqueur, with added Naked cacao.

Ingredients: mandeaux | naked cacao | crème de cacao


Easter Trading Hours:

Open: 3 & 4 April (Sat & Sun)

Closed: 2 & 5 April (Fri & Mon)

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