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New Menu Alert: Autumn 2021

At Bodhi, we believe in eating seasonally and locally, that's why we update our dinner menu four times a year so you can enjoy the freshest plant-based produces around the clock!

We have a confession to make: we are not ready to say bye to summer. There's just so much to love: the sun, the beach, the outdoors, the cute summer outfits, the fruits, the icy treats... The list goes on and it’ll take a lot for us to move on.

But when our Head Chef, Brooke, presented her new Autumn dishes, suddenly, welcoming the new season doesn’t seem like a bad idea at all.

Our body tends to crave for warm and nourishing foods as the temperature drops, and Autumn is the perfect season for earthy root vegetables and fruits such as beetroot, brussels sprouts, artichokes, pomegranates, and pears. These ingredients help strengthen our immune system, boost our mood and make us feel grounded. Take a look at what’s new on our Autumn menu and get inspired by these wholesome flavour combos that will help you ease into the cool breeze.

Maple Braised Beetroot Salad with Herbed Vegan Soft Cheese ($22)

maple braised beetroot | witlof lettuce | nashi pear | fennel | salad leaves | spiced candied pecans | herbed vegan soft cheese | maple vinaigrette

There's so much to unpack here. Stick your fork in at any angel and you'll be rewarded with juicy beetroot cubes that are braised with organic maple syrup; crunchy pecans that are glazed with spices and natural sugar; rich and silky vegan soft cheese bites are are infused with herbs, as well as crispy fresh witlof lettuce, fennel and nashi pear cubes. This dish is drizzled with maple vinaigrette, which elevates all these earthy autumn ingredients to the next level. Just. Yum.

Crispy Silken Tofu and Brussel Sprouts Chips in House Made Teriyaki Sauce ($26.5)

crispy silken tofu | house made teriyaki sauce | roasted capsicum purée |

brussels sprouts chips | pickled ginger | pomegranate

Our crispy silken tofu are a crowd pleaser so they're staying on our menu. But with new twists.

If you're not a big fan of brussels sprouts, this dish might change your mind. Brooke decided to take apart each brussels sprouts leaves and turn into chips, so they echo the consistency of the crispy tofu skin. Needless to say this is a great idea because not only are they delicious, you can also use them to scope up the roasted capsicum purée and our bespoke teriyaki sauce!

Durian Cheesecake with Coconut Ice Cream ($21)

durian cheesecake | vegan coconut ice cream | almond flakes | cookie crumbs

Off the record – we tried it and we fought over it (including our "durian-virgins").

On the record – the durian cheesecake is not as pungent as you think, but the smooth, exotic sweetness definitely lingers, and vegan coconut ice cream makes the perfect chaser. Don't forget to dip your spoon into the almond flakes and cookie crumbs for a balanced texture!

Caramelised Lady’s Finger Banana and Dark Chocolate Cake ($20)

caramelised lady’s finger banana | dark chocolate cake | vegan vanilla bean cream |

macadamia praline

Banana and dark chocolate is a classic combo, and it's one of our favourites. So we've decided to take a more simple approach to let the ingredients shine – quite literally. By simply caramelising the banana slices, we bring out a natural golden glaze from the banana which coats the fruit and the chocolate cake. We've also incorporated vegan vanilla bean cream and macadamia praline to the dish so you get something airy and crunchy to cut through the dessert.


Our Autumn menu is now available.

Click here to make your booking.


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