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8 Epic Alcohol-Free Plant-Based Cocktails

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

You'll find some of the best mocktails ever to be found in Sydney on our new drinks list: fact. From firey to fruity, there's a creative plant-based concoction here for you.

It’s pretty unusual for a restaurant or bar to have a list of mocktails to rival its cocktails, but Bodhi has always been a big embracer of alcohol-free drinks - and our new drinks menu is no exception!

With eight non-alcoholic options to choose from, there are just as many mocktails as there are signature cocktails - and we put just as much thought and effort into creating them (in other words, we don’t just remove the alcohol and job done!).

They’re all part of our newest drinks list launched 1 August, where our cocktails - with or without alcohol - now feature all-Australian and housemade ingredients, from the syrups to the spirits.

We’ve knocked on the doors of boutique distilleries around the country to bring you some of the best spirits available, shaking these up into some of our most creative and colourful plant-based cocktails yet.

Starting with the top two favourites of our resident cocktail conspirator, Restaurant Manager Mark, here’s the rundown of our 8 vegan mocktails, perfect for anyone who has allergies, is pregnant, is designated driving, or just doesn’t drink fullstop.

#1 Let The Yuzu Speak

As refreshing as can be, this cocktail celebrates the aromatic and citrus yuzu, complemented with fresh honeydew melon juice, basil and sugar syrup - perfect for sipping on a sunny day.

#2 Just My Imagination

Get ready to snap this one for Instagram - with its mesmerising blue hue, thanks to a combination of housemade lavender syrup, MONIN Blue Curacao syrup, Burlesque Bitters, lychee and lemon juice, you may start to think you imagined it.

#3 Figging Marvellous

Inspired by the Moreton Bay Fig trees which soar over our alfresco dining area, this cocktail gives you a sweet bump, made with ALTD Golden Emperor non-alcoholic spirit (with cocoa and orange notes), housemade fig syrup and coffee.

#4 China Girl

Take your tastebuds off on a trip to Asia (coz you’re not going there anytime soon!) with this refreshing blend of lychees, kaffir lime leaves, cloudy apple juice, lime juice and housemade ginger syrup.

#5 Me Hearties

Release your inner pirate with this mocktail served in a mug but without the rum - made with ALTD Silver Princess non-alcoholic spirit, pomegranate molasses, lime juice and ginger beer.

#6 Sinnerman

If you need more spice in your life, and don’t mind cheating a little, this one's for you: a mix of Hellfire Habanero Shrub (with notes of pepper, vanilla and berries), Angostura Bitters, mint, lime, sugar syrup and ginger ale.

#7 Train to Busan

A re-creation of the classic Italian ACE juice which promotes energy and wellness, this cocktail will pep you up with freshly pressed carrot, orange and lemon juice, housemade vanilla syrup and fresh ginger, mixed with ALTD Green Grocer non-alcoholic spirit (with lime, thyme and pepper notes).

#8 Yellow Ledbetter

Transport yourself to the sun and sands of a remote tropical island with this mocktail made with fresh pineapple juice, fresh orange juice, housemade peach syrup and fresh lemon juice, topped with soda.

Oh, and if you're loving the sound of our new vegan Buddhist Bloody Mary made with housemade, cruelty-free vegan Worcestershire sauce with no onion or garlic, you can ask us to make it a virgin.

All of these mocktails can be turned into booze-infused cocktails, by adding vodka, Moores Gin or rum. See the full beverage list here.


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