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Deliciously Auspicious

Updated: Jan 27, 2021

We might have told you our Lunar New Year Specials will be available throughout February, but what we haven’t told you are the auspicious elements behind each dish...

Besides our annual lion dance performance and hung bao giveaway on the 16th February, we’ll also be serving up these two specials, plus a cocktail, throughout February (except for 13th & 14th) to ring in the Year of the Ox. A lot of thoughts went into these dishes because we’re all about spreading good vibes and good fortune, so read on and see how you can take in all the good luck with every bite!

Lunch Special: Coconut Koi Dessert ($10)

We’ll be serving a sweet “Coconut Koi” dessert as a CNY lunch special. This auspicious, coconut milk-based dessert comes in different colours similar to the lucky Koi fish themselves.

Fish has quite an important role to play in traditional Chinese New Year dishes because it rhymes with the word “leftovers”, and it implies a surplus year ahead (who isn’t wishing for that?). And each of our “Coconut Koi” serving comes with three colourful fishes, because you guessed it – "3" is also another lucky element in the Chinese culture, it means “alive”.

Ingredients: sweet coconut milk | water chestnut | agar agar *contains some sesame seeds

Dinner Special: Eight Treasures Salad Bowl ($26)

The number 8 is a magical number in the Chinese culture, because it rhymes with “Fa”, which means good fortune. As the name suggests, this CNY dinner special calls for eight ingredients, our plant-based version includes shredded beetroot, enoki, spiced peanut, cucumber, radish, shredded carrot, lettuce, and crispy wonton skin – all topped with a signature peanut and ginger sauce.

But wait – this dish offers more than just robust flavours and complex textures. “Lo Hei” means “tossing up good fortune” in Cantonese, and that’s exactly how we’d like you to tackle it. Simply pick up a pair of chopsticks and toss all the ingredients and sauce up – the more people, the merrier; and the higher the toss; the better fortune ahead!

Ingredients: shredded beetroot | enoki | spiced peanut |cucumber | radish | shredded carrot | lettuce | crispy wonton skin | peanut and ginger sauce



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