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Best Plant-based Specials This Veganuary

It's that time of year again to celebrate all things Veganuary. We have created a list of our favourite specials that you can jump on this month.

While It might not take a genius to piece “vegan” and “January” together for this life-changing global movement, it does take a strong mind to carry out this animal-free lifestyle for a whole month if you are a “vegan virgin”.

For many, the easiest place (and most enjoyable in our humble opinion) to start is with food. Nowadays eating plant-based is much more accessible and there are an increasing number of vegan options available whether you're eating out or just heading to your local supermarket.

Check out our top picks of Veganuary specials!


Ditching meat this Veganuary has been easier than ever thanks to Deliveroo! Up until January 31st Deliveroo are offering Australians free delivery from more than 1500 local restaurants, but only if you're ordering plant-based fare. On top of this many eateries such as Fishbowl and Grill’d are offering huge discounts on their plant-based dishes.


KFC has launched a Vegan version of their fried chicken in the UK. The new option is made in partnership with Beyond Meat and features all the flavor of KFC’s famous chicken but without any of the animal products. While it’s not currently available here in Australia, we are hoping we’re not too far off being able to have this offering on our menu’s.

Flora and Fauna

Flora and Fauna is the world’s largest eco-store, stocking tons of plant-based goodies for you to enjoy. In celebration of Veganuary 2022, they’re offering a generous 10% off all orders. Head to their website to shop everything from pantry items, makeup, toiletries, snacks, chocolate, skin care, pet care and MORE! Now is better than ever to jump on the plant-based train!

Soul Burger

To celebrate Veganuary and encourage those to try plant-based, Soul Burger are offering 10% off when you order straight from their website. This special is only on for the month of January so check them out today for all your burger cravings!


Magnum have just launched a mini’s range of all your favourite Vegan ice-creams along with their NEW Sea Salt Caramel flavour. Cool down this summer and partake in Veganuary – it’s a win win from us!

Vegan Leather Co

Vegan Leather Co is an Australian based company using pineapple and cactus to create a series of Vegan leather products. From bags to accessories to clothing, these guys have your vegan, cruelty-free needs covered. And as a cherry on top, they’re offering 30-50% off storewide for a limited time only.


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