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Go Dry This July

Sobriety has never been sexier and you'll be feeling fine even after month of going booze-free.

It’s July 1 and you know what that means, we’re day one into Dry July, a month long challenge to go booze free.

For many taking a month off alcohol can seem pretty daunting especially when faced with the temptation of social events and societal pressure. However, many Aussies take the plunge each year to go sober and raise money for a good cause.

Since 2008, Dry July has inspired more than 290,200 Aussies to go dry, raising over $73 million for people affected by cancer, and funding projects at more than 80 cancer organisations across Australia. Aside from supporting such an amazing charity, taking a month off the booze can have considerable benefits for your mental, physical and financial health.

Sign up for Dry July today and you will reap the rewards:

#1 Improved Sleep

As many of us would have experienced, the quality of sleep after a night out is definitely compromised, often leading to grogginess and low levels of energy the following day. Alcohol interferes with our sleep cycle and deprives us of REM sleep (the deepest stage of the sleep cycle) which is crucial for the restoration of the brain and body.

#2 Better For Your Wallet

A night out on the booze can often result in our bank account taking a big hit. Alcoholic drinks can be expensive especially when purchased in large quantities or if you are a generous drunk after a few too many. It’s very easy for these costs to add up quickly as we tend of end up buying fast-food, Uber’s and even entry into venues on top of this. Getting sober, even if it is for one month, will put more money back into your pocket.

#3 Lower Risk of Chronic Disease

When alcohol enters the body, your liver, kidney and intestines are the main organs used to flush these toxins out of the system. Regular or heavy drinking means these organs are working extra hard to eliminate these chemicals from your body and over time these will wear down, potentially leading to liver damage and/or kidney failure. Cutting out alcohol means your body no longer needs to process it, alleviating pressure on vital organs so they can function more efficiently and for longer.

#4 Healthier Skin

We might not want to admit it but alcohol is a poison that plugs various toxins into our body and our skin is usually the first thing that pays for it. The sugars in alcohol along with it’s dehydrating qualities can lead to dry skin, bags under the eyes and may speed up the ageing process. Sobriety often results in healthier skin and you’ll be seeing more benefits than using an overpriced moisturiser.

#5 Improved Mental Health

Aside from having greater clarity after a good nights sleep, quitting drinking can have a tremendous impact on your mental health. We’ve all heard the term ‘hangxiety’ and alcohol can often worsen feelings of depression and anxiety, especially if one suffers from memory loss after a night out. Over time, reducing alcohol consumption will lead to improvements in overall cognitive ability and can often help improve your sense of self and relationships with others which are key in maintaining your mental wellbeing.

#6 Improved physical health

Alcohol unfortunately equals extra calories. While a drink here and there is fine, that glass or two of red wine each night with dinner can quickly add up and hinder your health goals. Not to mention those late night cravings after a few drinks definitely has you geared towards a kebab or fast-food meal rather than one with nutritious, wholefoods because hey let’s face it no one wants a salad at 2am. Cutting out the booze can be beneficial for the waistline as you’ll have the time, energy and capacity to make more informed choices when it comes to your diet which will have a knock impact on all aspects of your life.

#7 Sense of Achievement

Last but not least, if you have managed to last an entire month without any alcohol then give yourself a pat on the back and a gold star. Aside from all the more tangible benefits of cutting out booze, nothing feels better than being able to say you managed to take on and smash the Dry July challenge – all power to you! While this doesn’t mean you have to become sober-free or a health nut for good, hopefully it has given you a better understanding of your own drinking habits and allow you to make more mindful choices in the future. And if you takeaway nothing else, at least you raised some $$ for a good cause!

Celebrate Dry July at Bodhi

Going out doesn’t mean missing out especially if you are doing a month of sobriety. At Bodhi we have a delicious list of mocktails which will have you feeling fun, fancy and hangover-free. In the spirit of Dry July, our bartenders have created the perfect pairing of non-alcoholic spirit with some of our favourite mocktails. Check them out here!

Designated Driver $18

ALTD Golden Emperor non-alcoholic spirit | lemon juice | blue curacao | lavender foam

Semangka $16

ALTD Silver Princess non-alcoholic spirit | watermelon Juice | orange bitters | mint syrup

End Of The road $15

orange juice | pineapple juice | passion fruit | strawberry puree | lemon oleo

Add Silver Princess non-alcoholic spirit +$4

China Girl $15

lychee | kaffir leaves | cloudy apple juice | ginger syrup

Add Golden Emperor non-alcoholic spirit +$4

Let The Yuzu Speak $15

honeydew melon | yuzu | basil leaves | vanilla syrup

Add Green Grocer non-alcoholic spirit +$4


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