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9 More Reasons To Love Bodhi: New Summer Menu

Summer's in the air and we're charging into the new season with gusto, and 9 new must-try dishes added to our dinner menu.

It's been a long year, hasn't it? And we've been hanging out for summer like nobody's business, ready to unleash some delicious new dishes perfect for devouring alfresco on a sunny summer's eve. (We love you Daylight Savings!)

Our team, led by Head Chef Brooke Ng, have dished up 9 new creations on our dinner menu, each packed with seasonal produce and plant-based summery goodness.

Kick off your meal with our Thai-style soy larb served in lettuce cups with kaffir lime leaf, spiced peanuts and bean sprouts, and our juicy corn cob ribs doused in a sticky espresso miso glaze.

Follow that up with our shredded vegan satay chicken salad with plump cubes of fresh mango and a zingy ginger lime dressing, and our homemade stir-fry silver pin noodle dish with a medley of mushrooms and a fresh celery cucumber side salad.

Leave room for dessert! We have introduced a delightful mango vegan cheesecake with gooey apricot yuzu jam, fresh mango and cookie crumbs, and a steamed Thai tea cake infused with creamy condensed soy milk, topped with walnut praline and served with vanilla bean ice-cream.

Oh, and did we mention we have a swag of new summer-sational cocktails for you to try?

Check out the full menu - click here - available from 8 December 2020.


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