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5,000 buzzing bees make their home in this Sydney backyard

After planting her new herb, vegetable and edible flower garden, Bodhi owner Heaven Leigh has received delivery of her very first Australian native beehive - just in time for World Bee Day!

“I have always had an obsession with bees and beekeeping since I was a small child,” said Heaven.

“One of my dearest uncles was an amateur beekeeper and there was always something wonderful about his garden - it was like a magical fairyland full of beautiful flowers and busy little bees.

“This prompted me to begin my own beehive, however I have chosen not to harvest the honey and to keep Australian native bees, instead of European bees.”

New beehive arrives!

Looking inside the hive with the kids.

Inside the hive, the little bubbles on the middle left are the baby brood chambers. The open ball structures on the middle right are the honey pots.

With Isaac Mayer from Bush Bees.

Just one more peak!

Heaven's daughter Minka’s face as they fly out and set the GPs to be able to return to the hive, then one lands on her hand!

Did we mention these bees are stingless?

This is an induction hive, which means it was split from a bigger, stronger hive the natural way over a long period of time without harming any bees in the process. Just like in nature. There are approximately 5,000 Australian native bees in there!

Read more about how important bees are to our very existence here in this blog.


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