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Top Recipes of Lockdown

Check out our Top 5 vegan recipes! Chosen by our Bodhi community, these have been the most popular recipes during lockdown.

Tried and tested by your fellow Bodhi buddies, these fool proof plant-based dishes and drinks are good for the soul, great for the gram, and most important of all, gloriously delicious.

Share your vegan and plant-based creations with us!

1. Vegan Tofu Rendang

Rendang is a classic, spicy curry which originated in West Sumatra, Indonesia, combining a spiced paste with coconut milk. When the ingredients are fried together for this recipe, the remaining braising liquid caramelises around the tofu and potato, producing a rich and creamy final dish.

2. Miso Cauliflower Risotto

Our Miso Cauliflower Risotto with Edamame Puree and Sautéed Asian Mushrooms is set to impress. Check out the steps to achieving this masterpiece that is low carb, high fibre, with high wow factor.

3. Spicy Vegan Mac and Cheese

What do you do when the temperature drops? You turn up the heat in your own kitchen – try our deliciously creamy and comforting spicy vegan mac and cheese recipe!

4. Vegan Pad Thai

Craving for something exotic and vibrant? Here’s our spin on one of the most aromatic, hearty street foods in Thailand. Packed full of robust flavours, our Pad Thai is everything you need and more!

5. White Chocolate Tart with Yuzu Curd

Feeling like a lockdown pick me up? Well you're in luck, here comes a finger-licking recipe just in time! These bite size treats taste absolutely divine, and are fun to make - the decadent white chocolate ganache topped with a tangy yuzu curd makes for a perfectly balanced dessert.



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