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Recipe: Tofu Bourguignon

Updated: Jul 18, 2020

A gift to you from our Bodhi community - a plant-based version of the classic French Boeuf Bourguignon but with tofu, slow cooked in red wine, garlic and herbs. Très bien!

Thank you to Chloe Pellicer from our Bodhi Tribe who shared this delicious, winter-perfect recipe with us to recreate.

“I cook my vegan version of French Boeuf Bourguignon using firm tofu instead of meat. The tofu is cooked in red wine, onion, garlic, and herbs for a long time at low temperature. It's always a win for our guests and family!” said Chloe.

We can see why! Our head chef Brooke tested the recipe (image above) and gave it her tick of approval. Now you can try it too.


500g firm tofu, frozen (put in the freezer at least 24 hours before use)

2 red onions

Olive oil

1 bottle of vegan red wine (already opened but unfinished bottles are perfect for this)

4 garlic cloves (crushed)

Herbs (oregano, thyme, mixed herbs)

Salt and pepper


1. To prepare the tofu, remove from freezer 1 hour prior to cooking, wrap in paper towel and place between two plates, adding something heavy on top to act as a weight, and leave to thaw. After 1 hour, press down on the plate to drain as much water as possible. (This helps to remove water from the tofu more easily and allow the tofu to soak up more sauce during cooking. If you don't have time to use frozen tofu, you can drain fresh tofu and let it cook longer with the sauce).

2. Roughly cut tofu into bite sized pieces.

3. Roughly chop onions and place in a pan/wok with olive oil, cooking for 5 minutes until the onions slightly brown.

4. Add tofu with a little bit more olive oil, let it cook together for a few minutes.

5. Pour in half the red wine, stir to combine, then cover and simmer over low heat for 15 minutes.

6. Add garlic and herbs, then the rest of the red wine, and leave to cook for 45 minutes. Add salt and pepper to taste. Try the tofu when you think it's almost done, it might need more wine and herbs and a longer time to take on all the flavours.

Serve with roasted potatoes, and leek sliced thinly and cooked in butter until soft or zucchini sliced thin and cooked with butter, garlic and olive oil.


Share your own vegan and plant-based creations with us. We'll choose one to make and feature each month, and if it happens to be yours, you'll receive a $200 Bodhi dining voucher.

Share by emailing us here with the recipe and a photo, or post your creation up to social media and tag Bodhi Restaurant Bar.


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