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Recipe: Vegan Chocolate Mousse

Just because you don't eat dairy doesn't mean you should miss out on enjoying the chocolatey goodness of a moreish mousse!

Often disguarded when draining chickpeas, one of the most important ingredients in the vegan pantry is aquafaba. The starchy liquid in a can of chickpeas acts as a great binder and when whipped it creates a foam.

If you're yet to use aquafaba into your cooking and baking, give this vegan chocolate mousse a try. It's super simple and berry delicious - even if we do say so ourselves.


1 cup (240ml) aquafaba (from a 400ml tin of chickpeas)

150g vegan chocolate

1-2 tbs fine white sugar

1 tbs plant-based milk

1 tsp lemon juice (optional)

Berries for garnishing


  1. Break chocolate into smaller chunks and place into a glass bowl, together with the milk.

  2. Place the bowl over a hot water bath and allow the chocolate and the milk to heat up slowly and melt into each other. Take the bowl off the heat and allow it to cool slightly.

  3. Open tin of chickpeas and drain chickpea water into a large glass bowl. Add sugar and lemon juice (optional).

  4. Using an electric egg whisk, whip the chickpea water into stiff peaks.

  5. Gently fold the melted chocolate into the whipped aquafaba using a silicone spatula.

  6. Divide the mixture between 4 glasses.

  7. Put glasses into the fridge for minimum 3 hours to allow the mousse to set.

  8. Before serving, add garnish of your choice, such as blackberries, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and shaved chocolate.


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