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The Bodhi Collective - February Edition

Compassionate Fashion | Vegan Leather Co. Giveaway | Mango San Choi Bao

Compassionate Fashion

Everyone is talking about compassionate fashion right now, but what is it? It's about limiting waste, protecting workers and sustainable production methods. "Fashion is one of the most wasteful industries, and finding a solution is essential to all of our future," says Bodhi's owner, Heaven Leigh. "Vegan fashion has a huge part to play in making the industry both compassionate and sustainable." We all need to be more conscious about where we buy, what we consume and how often we purchase. We'd love to hear your thoughts on compassionate fashion, so we can all keep having an open conversation and continue to better our collective selves. Submit your hacks or thoughts below and we will share the top pieces of advice and opinions on our Instagram.


Bodhi Loves: Vegan Leather Co. Giveaway

We love the Vegan Leather Co. They are vegan, and they give a s*@%. All of their products are ethical, hand-made and are of course, cruelty free.

Our favourite tee of the lot is the 'Milk for Humans', prompting people to question why they drink breast milk from other animals. To win a shirt and small leather item of your choice, tell us in 25 words or less the cause you're most passionate about for 2020.



Mango San Choi Bao

To continue our summer mango obsession, we have created another fresh and easy recipe to make at home. We love mixing things up and creating new combinations with ingredients like sweetcorn, peas, edamame, green beans and water chestnuts.

This delicious summer dish takes 40 minutes to prepare and cook, and is perfect for a snack or the main course.


After the Bushfires

With so many fires devastating our beautiful country, an unprecedented number of animals have been lost or injured. Most wildlife rescue groups in Australia do not receive government funding. A single rescued joey or koala can cost a shelter up to $2,000 per year.

Thank you to all our amazing customers who have so far helped us raise $7,344 for Wires Animal Rescue. Follow us on social media to see behind the scenes of how Bodhi is helping Wires in the coming months.


Coming up:

14 February - Valentine's Day at Bodhi 29 February - Mardi Gras 8 March - International Women's Day


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