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Twoobs x Bodhi: Which Vegan Shoe Matches Your Personality?

A shoe tells a thousand words. You can tell a lot about a persons characteristics and lifestyle based on their choice of footwear, so which shoe do you most relate to?

We recently collaborated with our friends over at Twoobs to test out a pair of their super cute sandals. A pair of funky footwear is a great way to accessorize especially when they’re vegan, environmentally friendly and made from sustainable materials.

It got us thinking about our favourite vegan shoe brands and how many of us showcase parts of our personality through the footwear we choose. We decided to put it to the test and have come up with a fun game on what your favourite shoe says about you.


First cab off the rank would have to be the sandal. Similar to those who love their flip-flops, you have an easy-going outlook in life and tend to opt for ease and comfort. However, you still like to look put-together, stylish and are always keeping up with the latest trends. Your favourite social media apps are Instagram and Tik Tok and your feed is filled with cats, fashion and cute brunch spots.

Relatable? Then a pair of Twoobs is for you. In a range of colours and cute clip-on accessories, there’s a colour and style for everyone.


If you’re reaching for a pair of sneakers over the heels to match that summer dress, then this one’s for you. People who love their sneakers are down to earth, youthful and energetic. They are friends with everyone and are always down to explore new things or places. They like looking cute and casual without being the centre of attention. From tech guys to brides who just want to dance the night away at their wedding reception, those in sneakers are prepared for anything life may throw at them.

If this sounds like you, then a pair of these Veja sneakers are right up your alley.


If a chunky boot is your choice of footwear, you can be seen as having a strong personality and tend to take control of situations. Your reliable, practical and stand up for yourself and those around you. You tend to have an edgier side and may have gone through an iconic emo phase during your younger years.

A pair of vegan Doc Martins will help you achieve everything you need and more.


Nothing screams girl boss more than a pair of heels! While people can sometimes judge a book by its cover, those who love their heels are confident, ambitious, poised and are often the leader in a room. You do like the finer things in life and appreciate luxurious, beautiful items. You know who you are and won’t apologise for it.

Stella McCartney’s range of vegan heels are the perfect amount of class and sophistication for you to own that fabulous, go-getter lifestyle you lead.


If flats are your go-to, you can be seen as classy and tasteful but prefer a simple, down-to-earth lifestyle. You value comfort, stability and ease, but are extremely hardworking behind the scenes. You’re kind, humble, focused and like to get the job done without too much fuss. Your style is best described as clean-cut yet professional and your wardrobe is filled with neutral colours and timeless pieces. While you can be extroverted at times, you tend to fall on the introverted side.

These Rothy’s are the perfect balance of style and comfort.


As a wearer of the knee-high boot, you’re someone who is afraid of nothing and likes to tackle each day feeling on top of the world. You’re assertive, comfortable in your own skin and people often come to you for advice. You’re strong and sometimes dominant, with a sexy, flirtatious side and aren’t afraid to be the centre of attention.

Check out the range of vegan boots from Bhava. After all, if you’ve got it, flaunt it.


Those who love flaunting a pair of quirky or brightly coloured footwear are usually extroverts and ooze cool, calm and confident vibes. They’re bold, not afraid to be themselves and often love being the centre of attention. They like to show-off their personality through their shoes, however are still up-to-date with the latest trends and what’s on the street. Those flaunting a pair of colourful kicks are often seen as artistic and have a creative flair.

These Etiko sneakers could be the fit for you, especially if you opt for the daring red.


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