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Dumplings for days - five-dumpling special

Dumplings. We love them in all their various shapes, forms and flavours. And we know the struggle that is choosing which dumplings to eat when you love them all equally! Well, we're helping solve that problem with a five-dumpling basket available for one-day only as a World Dumpling Day special.

There's nothing quite like a steaming hot dumpling. Soupy, steamed or fried, there's something incredibly moreish about these little morsels of deliciousness.

Did you know, there's a whole day dedicated to the amazingness of the dumpling? And rightly so! This World Dumpling Day, 26 September, we are celebrating with a special five-dumpling basket for yum cha. It's a one-time-only thing so don't miss out.

Our five-dumpling special basket brings together Bodhi's top five:

• chilli smoked soy beetroot dumpling

• green tea chou sum dumpling

• creamed corn & faux chicken dumpling

• shiitake mushroom asparagus & truffle oil dumpling

• carrot broccoli & ginger dumpling

Add this to a lunch feast of our regular yum cha selection, and you have yourself a pretty magical Saturday.

See our full yum cha menu here.


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